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Becoming a member

Whaddon Way Church is an Anglican/Baptist Local Ecumenical Project, and functions within a congregational governance system. This means, that members at WWC are responsible for the following:

  1. Attending all Ordinary Church Meetings (4 per year), Annual General Meetings (1 per year), and Special Church Meetings (when the need arises, but rarely more than two in a year).
  2. Voting at the above meetings on issues surrounding the vision, mission, and operation of Whaddon Way Church.
  3. Being an active part of who we are, how we function, and who we would like to be as a church, faith community and charity. 
While this participation might look different for each member, we would say that

These are our 3 marks of membership at WWC

Upwards Living

Actively growing in our individual and communal worship of God.

Inwards Transformation

Participating within our church community through:

  • Empowering one another in our collective quest to become image bearers of Jesus.
  • Engaging in communal worship, discipleship, and service.
  • Financially contributing as you are able.

Outwards Serving

Allowing your experiences, passions, skills and gifts to empower our calling to shine the light of Jesus to everyone that we meet.