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As a church that embraces different denominations, we are happy to offer baptisms (often called christenings) and dedications for children and adults.

If you are a parent who would like to make a commitment to raise your child to know Jesus then you can choose either of these options depending on your background and traditions.

Infant baptism

Some Christians, particularly Anglicans, choose to welcome their new arrival and commit them to God through a baptismal service or christening. In a child baptismal service the parents, and Godparents, make promises on behalf of the child in front of the church community who promise to support the family in growing their faith.

If you would like your child dedicated or baptised please have a chat with Peter Landry.

Adult baptism

One of the most joyful events in the life of our church is when someone decides to show their faith in Jesus through being baptised whatever age they are. We have recently been delighted to see some children choosing this option when they are old enough to make up their own minds.

Full immersion baptism takes place in our special pool. Being immersed in water is a symbol of leaving your old life behind and being raised to new life in Christ, just as Jesus died and rose again.

It is wonderful to to see God’s Spirit at work in baptism services and to see how baptism empowers people to serve the church and community.

If you are already a Christian you will have your own story of how you came to faith and were baptised, including being baptised as a child. We welcome everyone at Whaddon Way Church and all are invited to take communion regardless of baptism.

If you are interested in baptism, please have a chat with Peter Landry.